In the summer of 2007 four young musicians had a chance meeting playing together for a Jersey Shore music academy. The chemistry was instantaneous and LEZZY’S SOAP DISH was born. With the original song writing of lead singer Manuel Cotelo backing up the blazing guitar riffs of lead guitarist Matt Flanagan, the driving beat of drummer Ryan Gerber and rhythm riffs of bassist Anthony Stefanski, LEZZY’S SOAP DISH captures the legendary energy of the Jersey Shore rock scene. Crossing many genres and influenced by guitar driven rock music, LEZZY’S SOAP DISH’s live show is an energetic and contagious exhibition of the bands talents and ability to capture and interact with virtually any audience. Now, after playing shows across New Jersey and in Manhattan at venues including the Starland Ballroom, The Stone Pony, and The Underscore with wide success, they are ready for the release of their self-titled album. Produced by Brandon Hans, recorded by Martin Bisi (Dresden Dolls, Sonic Youth) and mastered by Fred Kevorkian (Dave Matthews Band, The White Stripes) their debut album captures this original talent and energy. Now, LEZZY’S SOAP DISH is gearing up to hit the road and let the world hear what they’ve been missing.


Manuel Cotelo


Manuel Cotelo is the head strong front man of Lezzy’s Soap Dish. Full of energy and emotion, each of his songs tell a story, and through that, LSD fans feel they connect with him on a personal level. With songs about life and love, and catchy, fist pumping choruses, his songs cross multiple genres and appeal to just about everyone!


Matt Flanagan


Matt Flanagan’s lead guitar riffs define Lezzy’s Soap Dish. It’s his intricate harmonies and lightning fast solos that bring every LSD song to life. With screaming solos and melodic leads, his riffs are sure to leave a lasting impression!


Ryan Gerber


Ryan Gerber is the unbelievable drumming sensation behind Lezzy’s Soap Dish. With driving beats and seemingly impossible drum fills, he is sure to make your body rock and your jaw drop!


Anthony Stefanski


Anthony Stefanski is Lezzy’s Soap Dish’s incredible bassist. Cool, laid back, and chill are 3 great words that can be used to define him and his style. His presence on stage and off keeps the band grounded, all while keeping the rhythm bumping and the music flowing!